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Evangelist Graham Comments on Muslims

Muslim leaders haven't done enough to show their sorrow over Sept. 11, says the son of evangelist Billy Graham, adding to his harsh criticism of Islam.

Franklin Graham challenged the leaders to help rebuild New York or compensate the victims families.

"The silence of the clerics around the world is frightening to me," he said. "How come they haven't come to this country, how come they haven't apologized to the American people, how come they haven't reassured the American people that this is not true Islam and that these people are not acting in the name of Allah, they're not acting in the name of Islam?"

Graham writes in his new book, "The Name," that "Islam — unlike Christianity — has among its basic teachings a deep intolerance for those who follow other faiths."

It's frightening how, in many people's eyes, Muslims can't apologize enough for September 11. As if you're responsible for the actions of everyone who calls god by the same name you do. And it's surprisingly widespread -- the Grahams have a substantial following, and quite a few people posting in the Yahoo! message board at the end of the story agreed. I remember a letter in the Scene last year that insinuated that Omid Safi was an America-hating terrorist because he didn't condemn the attacks loudly or vocally enough.

I included the last paragraph because I like pointing out that after the Catholic Spanish ousted the relatively tolerant (for that age) Muslim Moorish regime, they started the Inquisition.


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