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Maya Text Points to War Between Two Superpowers

Newly translated inscriptions at an ancient pyramid in Guatemala suggest that the Maya civilization, at its peak, was dominated by two powerful city-states that engaged in a protracted "superpower" struggle.

The east section of the staircase describes a "star war" attack on Dos Pilas by the king of Calakmul—so-called because the attack was influenced by astrological movements and the dominance of Venus.

This is a very interesting development in Maya archaeology, and so far as I can judge from the article it seems based on solid science. But the two elements I quoted -- the war between two great powers, and the astronomical influence on the timing of battle -- are going to provide encouragement to Erich von Däniken and his ilk. Obviously, these hieroglyphics must be referring to a battle between two alien races in the distant past.


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