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Securing Freedom's Triumph

If the President actually practices what he preached in his New York Times editorial, we'll see a complete reversal of American policy on a number of fronts. Allow me to deconstruct just one paragraph (W in italics):

America's greatest opportunity is to create a balance of world power balance is inherently multilateral that favors human freedom. We will use our position of unparalleled strength and influence to build an atmosphere of international order international order implies a working international system, which requires working with, rather than against, institutions like the UN, the WTO, the ICC, the Kyoto Protocol, and so forth and openness for example, by sharing evidence that would back up our insistence that we must go to war with Iraq, instead of keeping it -- like everything else the Bush administration touches -- top secret. in which progress and liberty can flourish in many nations. A peaceful world of growing freedom serves American long-term interests, reflects enduring American ideals and unites America's allies. We defend this peace by opposing and preventing violence by terrorists and outlaw regimes. key word: "prevent" -- that is, create conditions that will lead away from violence. Not "react to with violence," even if we react before we've been provoked (in the case of Iraq, for example). Also, for a regime to be an "outlaw," there must be some law higher than that which the regime writes -- another statement of support for the UN and the international community We preserve this peace by building good relations among the world's great powers which we're not doing currently, except to the extent that we're uniting them against us and we extend this peace by encouraging free and open societies on every continent. free and open societies like our close friends Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

However, I suspect that this editorial is less "putting America on a new track" and more "lying."


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