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A Baptist minister explains why posting the Ten Commandments is a pointless exercise:

State Faith Trial Seeks Quick FIx As Answer

But like so much in American culture, we want a quick and easy fix. We don't want to spend hours in prayer and spiritual formation. We don't want to spend days and weeks rebuilding broken families and impoverished communities — these are the very seed beds of evil.

We want something we can do in a hurry, or better yet, something someone else can do.

If people of faith really understood the purpose of Scripture, and the power of worship, the monument would be seen for what it really is -- a futile attempt to get God in our lives without much effort on our part.

This has not been the way of God in the past, and we can be sure this is not the best way for us now.

- via Votelaw, cited by Ignatz

Can I get an amen from the congregation?


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