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Chesterfield Gives Witch The Broom

Eager to share her recognized faith with others, [Wiccan priestess Cyndi] Simpson recently asked Chesterfield to add her name to the list of ministers and priests who give invocations at county meetings.

"Based upon our review of Wicca, it is neo-pagan and invokes polytheistic, pre-Christian deities," Steven L. Micas, the county's attorney, wrote in a letter addressed to Simpson. "Accordingly, we cannot honor your request."

"I believe that this shows bias not only against my faith but against Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Native Americans and any faith outside the Judeo-Christian religion. In a public area, government sponsored, we should all be welcome," she said.

via WitchVox

The article is clearly slanted in favor of Simpson (we don't even hear the Board's rationale until halfway down), but given the quotes from board members I have sympathy for the journalist.

Simpson's probably wrong about Micas's statement discriminating against Islam -- Islam is not neo-pagan, it's vehemently monotheistic, and was established after Christianity (though Islam would be out according to Board Chairman Kelly E, Miller, who dismissed Wicca as being "not any religion I would subscribe to."). But based on Micas's own words, Christian and Jewish invocations are not permissible either, since the Judeo-Christian god was worshipped by the Jews for thousands of years before Christ.


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