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I wish there was a point to voting in this year's election. There seems to be quite a bit riding on it -- control of both houses of Congress, and all that means for the future of the war, the judiciary, our civil liberties, and so forth. But neither of my senators is up for reelection. My representative is running unopposed (and he's a pro-war Democrat, so it's not like you could find a challenger with a shot at winning who would be better). There's a race for Governor, since Bush swiped Ridge to run Homeland Security. But the Democratic candidate was basically chosen by Republicans who switched their registration so they could vote in the Democratic primary, so the amount of difference that vote makes is fairly small. Not enough to bother with the rigamarole of getting an absentee ballot.

Correction: Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta is running againt Kanjorski for the House. Kanjorski's still strongly favored, though. Now I'm wondering where I got the idea he was unopposed.


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