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Atheist Says He's Been Booted From Boy Scouts

A teenage atheist said he has been kicked out of the Boy Scouts for refusing to declare a belief in a higher power.

Darrell Lambert said he was told of the decision earlier Monday by the Chief Seattle Council, the Scouts' regional governing body.

"Am I bitter? No. Disappointed? Yeah," he said. "We're in the 21st century. Our country was founded on religious freedom, and the Boy Scouts of America are still discriminating."

Lambert said he plans to appeal the decision within the Scouting council within the required 60 days. He is a top-ranked Eagle Scout with 37 merit badges.

So in other words, nobody won. Lambert was kicked out of an organization that meant a lot to him and stripped of an honor he had earned. The council avoided having to mature and learn to respect others' beliefs. And Scouting as a whole lost a good Scout.


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