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Comet Cursor has been in the Kiosk for quite a while now. Granted, there are no redeeming values to Comet Cursor, so in theory it could be in the Kisok eternally and never be denigrated adequately. However, since I no longer have to use Comet Cursor-equipped public computers, it is no longer actively grating on me.

What is actively grating on me is Idrisi, Clark's very own raster-based GIS. Now, in some ways I like Idrisi. It's certainly better than ArcView -- fewer bizarre quirks, more straightforward operation. And overall I can understand raster systems better than vector systems as analytical tools (though I like vector-based drawing tools). But the students in the class I TA have managed to uncover every possible way to break Idrisi. And when it does weird stuff, it doesn't give you any clues as to how it can be fixed. So I think Idrisi can spend a little time in the Kiosk.


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