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Postal Service To Put Up Motto Nationwide

Just recently, Frank Williamson was thwarted in his bid to display posters depicting the national motto, "In God We Trust," at Montgomery County post offices. Now, not only will he see the phrase in his local county; it will be placed in all 38,000 post offices across the country.

While he initially paid $80 to buy a few posters for his local post offices, the self-supporting U.S. Postal Service will now foot the bill for the national effort.

On Friday, Williamson received word from authorities in Washington that the U.S. Postal Service designed its own poster depicting the national motto and would cover the cost to distribute it to every post office in the country.

This is what they're wasting our stamp money on? I'm tempted to start writing anti-motto messages on all the envelopes I send (not that communicating my anger to the mail-sorting lackeys would accomplish anything).


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