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The usual Biblical analogy that's made to Marxism is the millennium. According to Marxist theory, capitalism is a self-destructive system that will eventually collapse on itself. Then the proletariat (led by Marxist intellectual planners in the Leninist version) can usher in an age of peace and prosperity that will put an end to the suffering of previous economic systems. Likewise, the Book of Revelation says that the rule of Earth by humans will eventually self-destruct, at which point Jesus will come and begin his 1000-year reign of peace. This reading is sympathetic to Marxism to the extent that Revelation reflects what Marxists think will happen (though it may be less sympathetic in the eyes of those who think Revelation is a fantasy).

But I think Noah's flood may be a better analogy. In Noah's time, the system was irredeemably corrupted. And like in Revelation, God resorted to wiping the slate clean, in order to reconstruct the system anew. But the notable thing about the Flood is that it failed. Noah's family was the best eight people that could be found. They rejected the sin of their day and wanted to build a new society on the clean earth they received. But before too long, humanity relapsed into corruption again. The idea that you could wipe out a bad system and start over from scratch proved not to be feasible.


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