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Party People

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman's crowd pleaser of the evening needs to be repeated loudly and often, and especially by him: "I want to tell you why I know we can beat George W. Bush," he said. "Because Al Gore and I did it in 2000."

-- via Howard Dean Blog

That slogan is one of the reasons I hope Lieberman doesn't win. Bitterness about how Gore really won in 2000 is very comforting to those who already believe it, so it will probably play well in the primaries. But I can't see it being a message that reaches out to anyone who doesn't already think of Bush as "the pResident" or complain about how he was "selected" every time his name comes up. ("Remember 2000!" wasn't a particularly effective rallying cry for trying to defeat Jeb last year.) Any candidate who tries to boost himself by rehashing the messiness of 2000 is going to turn off more voters than he turns on.


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