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I just ran across a copy of Jonathan Sarfati's Refuting Evolution, buried in the bookshelves of the geography mezzanine. The cover proclaims "175,000 now in print!" (the title page says 100,000 now in print -- I guess they didn't get around to updating the inside pages when they redid the cover. Incidentally, the cover image on Amazon says 200,000 in print). I don't know what the normal print run for a book like this ought to be, but neither do most people; the point is that it sounds like a big number.

There's another message on the first page: someone stamped, in green ink, "Given freely in the love of God, our Creator, and in love for you, who He has created." That's a nice sentiment, but it also tips off what probably happened to a lot of those 175,000 copies. They were bought in bulk by people distributing them as pro-creationism propaganda (like 133-page Chick tracts), not purchased individually by 175,000 readers who were interested in what Sarfati had to say.


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