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Quicktime has redeemed itself after a reinstall, as it now allows me to use Finnish for Foreigners to work on my pronunciation. What is annoying me is luggage size restrictions. On one hand I'm mad at the fact that I can only bring a suitcase's worth of stuff on the bus home, and again on the plane to Dayton, which means I have a very small amount of my possessions at my disposal for the summer (and it probably means several important items -- I'm already missing my dress shoes -- are packed away in Alex's storage room). I'm also annoyed at the restructions imposed on my luggage by my own physical strength. My suitcase is medium-sized and has wheels, but it was still difficult to drag it down Main Street to the bus station. On the way back I'm definitely taking a cab. Given my usual commitment to non-materialism and packing light it seems weird to be complaining about this, but then again three months is hardly a weekend trip.

So, luggage size restrictions head for the kiosk.


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