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School Censors Senior's Graduation Song; Court Case Ensues

A graduating senior's plan to sing a religious song at commencement ceremonies for her public high school has stirred a court fight over the separation of church and state.

Rachel Honer was told by administrators at Winneconne High School that she would have to use the words ``He,'' ``Him'' and ``His'' in place of three mentions of God in the lyrics.

-- via WitchVox

On the question of constitutionality I tend to side with Honer (because the song is something she's doing on her own individual initiative), though on the question of what would be the best course of action I lean toward the school. But the real reason I'm posting this is because it's so different from the kind of thing that would happen at my (public) high school. The chorus and band unabashedly perform hymns in the Christmas concert, with nobody thinking twice about it.


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