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A while back Tacitus praised Ecclesiastes, which also happens to be my favorite book of the Bible. So when I ran across the Skeptic's Annotated Bible (via a link on index to common creationist claims, which I found via Morat), I figured I'd see what kind of a fisking they gave Ecclesiastes.

The SAB throws out any pretense at being a more objective, accurate version and instead proclaims itself an anti-Christian text set up to counterbalance the wealth of pro-Christian Bibles out there. The editors have tried their hardest to find something wrong with every verse they could. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the SAB more or less approves of Ecclesiastes. Many verses were given the "thumbs up" symbol, which marks the few passages the editors say are actually worthwhile -- the sum total of which they say could fit into a small brochure. The few negatives they find are contradictions, most of which are minor or stretched.

So, Ecclesiastes: approved by atheists and fundamentalists alike.


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