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(Part 1, continued in next post)

Greening the Elephant

We conservation-minded Republicans are the true conservatives in our party. True conservatives protect the health and well-being of current and future generations. If conservatives won't conserve, who will? REP America believes so strongly that conservation is conservative that we've trademarked that slogan. So, dealing with the "oxymoron question" is a snap.

... So, here's the real core of my answer to that second question: Only when the leaders of both major parties take up a cause do the American people see meaningful, permanent progress. So we must restore the environment as an important issue for both Republicans and Democrats.

There's definitely something to this idea that real, lasting change requires a bipartisan consensus (and on the environment, we at least seem to have achieved a bipartisan consensus on using pro-environment rhetoric).

Ordinary voters, who don't have time to do more than come out on the second Tuesday of November, run up against a problem if they share the position of one of these sort of unorthodox factions. Voting is a package deal, gviing the same effective endorsement to both the positions that motivated you to choose the candidates and the ones you're holdig your nose over. You can't vote a la carte.


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