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(Part 2, continued from post below)

But what if you could? What if, say, the nation voted to have George Bush sitting in the Oval Office when anti-terrorism policy was being made, but Al Gore would take over when the subject turns to the environment. Instead of one President job covering all duties, there would be a collection of jobs. Congress could be broken down this way too, so you could choose separate Representatives and Senators to handle separate issues, according to their expertise and opinions. It would be in some ways like the divided leadership that some Native American tribes had, often composed of a "war chief" and a "peace chief," or like the division of labor in any other sector of our civilization.

Obviously there are major problems with this idea. Foremost are the lack of coordination among sectors (which plagues the topic-specific cabinet agencies), and the problem of issues falling through the cracks. But it's interesting to think about.


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