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Recently, Clark University switched to a new web email system. I wasn't thrilled when Colgate had made the upgrade to the new version of Outlook Web, and I was pleased when Clark maintained the old style all of last year. When Clark did decide to upgrade, I was pleased to hear that it was moving to a different system -- @Mail -- which would, I hoped, not annoy me the way the new Outlook Web that Colgate used did.

Alas, it was not to be. I have yet to locate a feature of @Mail that constitiutes an improvement over the old Outlook for Web. Even the hoped-for sorting-by-name feature is absent. But I have located many drawbacks, including:
  1. Slower loading pages
  2. Unread messages are not marked as such
  3. The delete button doesn't work (Clark's ITS describes this as a "known bug"
  4. The inbox launches in a new window, meaning that to stay logged in you must keep two windows -- the original one, which just says "you are logged in to @Mail," as well as the actual inbox -- open.
  5. The change password utility was not available for two weeks, so I had to haul out my ID every time I wanted to check my email (they reset our passwords to our ID numbers)

So, I shall forward @Mail to the Kiosk.


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