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Stentor the leftist?

From those last few posts, it's starting to sound like I'm becoming some kind of leftist. I don't think that's true -- I still see myself as pretty solidly located in liberal territory. But there's always the possibility that I'm wrong. It took me a good while my freshman year to work out that, while I thought of myself as conservative, the opinions I was expressing were quite clearly liberal.

A few posts ago, I linked to my most recent commentary for The Scarlet, on gender roles. When I wrote it, I wasn't altogether happy with it. And I figured that it shied away from engaging a lot of strong feminist points in favor of a sort of happy middle-class optimism. I thought I certainly would have written it differently if it were meant for a different audience than the general Clark student body. Yet after it was published, I got complimented on it by some of the very people I figured would be disappointed by how non-radical my analysis was -- people who are studying critical social theory and are active in WoGAN. Based on this and subsequent conversations -- in which it was assumed that I agreed that the IMF is evil and that Howard Dean is a pragmatic alternative to Dennis Kucinich rather than a worthwhile candidate in his own right -- the left seems to think I'm one of them.


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