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God on the dole

My comic from this week's Scarlet:

I'm not entirely happy with this one. My general style is to use as few words as possible (sort of the opposite of the Tom Tomorrow talking-heads approach), so I don't like that I had to put in all those "From" tags. On top of that, they feel a bit forced. I agonized for a while over whether they should even be in there, but eventually I decided they were necessary to avoid making it look like God's current riches were paid for by past welfare checks. I wish I had been able to sneak in little jokes about the different denominations in terms of what object their tag was on, but I didn't have the time or knowledge of denominational stereotypes to do that effectively. I had to resort to a thinner pen on this one, so that the tiny writing would be legible (though I still had to clean it up a lot in Photoshop). All-in-all, not my best work. Artistically, I like the cartoon that went with my commentary, "Dem Candidates On The Defensive," better.


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