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More on gay Scouts

Vitriol Sullies Boy Scouts' "Patriotic Rally"

[The Boy Scout fundraising event] wasn't Scouting as I knew it, and part of the change can no doubt be attributed to the gay-rights issue. The Boy Scouts today bans gays from membership or leadership, even to the point of kicking out gay Eagle Scouts with long records of service. That has made the organization a target of gay-rights groups, and the darling of conservatives.

... At the fund-raiser, [featured speaker Ann] Coulter addressed the issue with her usual tact, talking of gays as perverts wanting to lure little boys into the woods. [Oliver] North also noted that he found gay Americans "personally offensive."

-- via The Hamster

I find people who think gays are all pedophiles "personally offensive," so we're even.


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