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Y'all Should Vote Democratic

My cartoon for this week, regarding the Confederate flag flap:

Originally I meant to portray Dean more favorably, as actually reaching out to southern whites in contrast to Kerry's (and Gephardt's) aversion. But then I read comment after comment from southerners offended at how Dean had stereotyped them. So I shifted Dean toward a "trying, awkwardly" sort of image with the poor attempt to speak in a southern accent, and made the southerner rolling his eyes at both candidates.

My commentary was "Senators Come Up Short On Air Quality," which unfortunately ended up being too much about the process of politics and a repeat (with fresh examples) of the Bush administration's penchant for secrecy, and not enough about the substance of the 9/11 air quality controversy. I did, however, take a very strong stance (perhaps too strong) in the accompanying cartoon.


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