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Sewage Sludge Progress

Argall's Proposal Lets Voters Decide On Dumping Issues

A bill announced Thursday would allow residents of municipalities across Pennsylvania the chance to regulate or even prohibit dredge material within their towns.

... Specifically, Argall's bill would require a referendum, or ballot question, in municipalities affected by proposed dredge disposal before any such materials could be brought into a community. It also would give communities the ability to adopt, enforce and strictly regulate the disposal of dredge. On top of that, it would give residents the opportunity to comment and ask questions on any dredge application prior to the referendum.

... Argall and Picciano emphasized that the bill would impact any permits issued after Nov. 1, 2003, including the current Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. application. The firm has submitted an application to dispose of dredge at Springdale Pit. The dredge, often from industrial-lane rivers and shipping harbors, has been found to contain heavy metals and other potentially threatening substances


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