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Clark-Dean '04 -- Maybe

One interesting outcome of the collapse of Howard Dean's campaign is that the fabled Clark-Dean ticket has become more likely. A few months ago, my view was that the only way that Clark could win the nomination would be to become the anti-Dean, slugging it out with the Doctor in a bitter primary fight. This would make it quite difficult for the two men to make up at the convention and run together. But now, Clark's road to Boston lies through John Edwards and John Kerry. If he pulls it out (his chances are slim, but bigger than Dean's), there will be no bad blood preventing him from choosing Dean for the #2 spot. A Kerry-Dean or Edwards-Dean ticket, on the other hand, is unlikely due to Dean's constant attacks on "Washington insiders." The critical stories in the press about Dean selling out his principles to support one of the very people his candidacy was premised on beating would outweigh any positive benefits of the choice.


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