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Delawares In Pennsylvania

I'd forgotten about this story, but it looks like the case is officially filed now.

Indian Tribe Files Suit For Forks Land

... The Delaware Nation of Anadarko, Okla., claims a 315-acre parcel in Forks Township that is now home to 25 private residences and the maker of Crayola crayons.

The tribe's lawyers insisted they're not trying to force anyone off their land. Rather, they want to make sure their own rights are protected so they can pursue gaming in the state.

''Nobody in the Delaware Nation has any desire to dispossess anyone of their land,'' tribal lawyer Stephen A. Cozen of Philadelphia said during a midday conference call. The tribe's court filing, however, demands that all homes and businesses on the parcel be vacated immediately.

The lawsuit further demands that all 315 acres be turned into an Indian reservation.

I don't have anything enlightening to say; I'm just noting it for my own interest.


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