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Howard Dean Remix

It looks like I've been inadvertantly doing Howard Dean a favor. I've suddenly gotten a whole pile of hits from people searching for "Howard Dean remix." I assume they're looking for this file, which is a remix of the post-Iowa speech that has been billed as his "Waterloo" because he got so caught up in his hardcore supporters' energy that he came off looking more like a pro wrestler than a president. But until this post, my only mention of a Howard Dean remix (ranked quite high -- perhaps because search engines haven't yet indexed mentions of the new remix) was to this file, which is a remix of his stump speech. Optimistic Deaniacs can now imagine hordes of people coming to debitage and downloading a file with the intent of laughing at Dean's insanity, but instead hearing his case against his opponents and being convinced that he's the man.

UPDATE: Turns out there are at least two remixes of the Iowa speech floating around. I found this one via the Dean Nation blog.


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