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An Inadvertant Clarkie

The topic of the New Hampshire primary came up at the end of my meeting with a professor today (specifically, the fact that having to wait for him was no big deal because it kept me away from the internet so I couldn't be constantly checking for updates). He said something about how he thought "your man Wesley Clark" was going to do well. Have I been praising Clark without realizing it?

I don't actually have a strong preference between Clark, Kerry, and Edwards. Clark has some provocative ideas, but I get the impression he's not as interested in and knowledgeable about domestic issues as the others, and we need someone sharp enough to point out how Bush's policies are fooling us by sounding like they solve problems. But my main complaint against Clark is that he has the same name as my university. If he wins, it will create confusion in my editorial cartoons. Of course, if I was voting strictly on cartoonability, I'd vote for Bush -- I'm getting pretty good at caricaturing him, and that "W" is really handy for labeling metaphors.


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