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Kerry's An Environmentalist -- Trust Me

Veteran Environmental Leader Gives Kerry The Green Light

... Any Democratic candidate will be better than George Bush on all these issues [renewable energy, healthy environment, biodiversity, civil liberties]. But only Kerry can stand up and discuss each in depth without notes -- with a nuanced understanding of science and economics and diplomacy and philosophy -- and explain his decisions to the public in simple words that make sense.

I guess Grist is in the habit of running uninformative endorsements. I mentioned before that the endorsement of Dean they highlighted said nothing in particular about what Dean would do better for the environment, instead relying on the changes in process under Dean that would allow citizen environmentalism a larger voice. Now, in this long article on Kerry, endorser Dennis Hayes appears to offer only two actual facts to support his assertion that Kerry deserves the support of environmentalists (he has a 96% environmental voting record and he's the only candidate who mentions the environment in every speech). While the only other candidate's environmental record that I've looked at in any detail is Dean's, I see no reason to dispute the conclusion that Kerry is one of, if not the, best candidate for the environment. But the endorsement article doesn't really make the case.


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