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You-know-who And The You-know-what

Another data point, courtesy of (of all places) People magazine:

17 Things You Don't Know About Howard Dean

4. He always turns off the lights when he walks out of a room. He used to get into fights with his wife about turning up the heat in the winter, so now she pays the bill so he doesn't have to see it.

... 6. He is compulsive about recycling. Once he picked up every newspaper off an airplane at the end of a flight and hauled them to a recycling center. He also does recycling inspections of his staffer's bins.

7. He insists that paper in his office be printed on both sides.

-- via

In reality, this probably says more about his penny-pinching ways (as do many of the other entries) than about his environmental ethos. As anyone who's seen my franken-socks can probably guess, he sounds like my kind of guy (the jury is still out about whether he's my kind of President).


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