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Matthew Yglesias points out Brian Leiter's post on C-250, which is a refreshingly honest example of "embracing intolerance when possible, and resorting to tolerance when necessary."

As proof that the powerful in the US cannot (unlike their Canadian counterparts) be trusted to regulate speech properly, Leiter claims that dissenting views on the war and economics are effectively barred from public in the US -- a claim that's pretty hard to swallow after Howard Dean became the Democratic front-runner for expressing those very ideas. I think some anti-war and economically leftist people spend so much time telling each other that their views are treated as heresy that they forget that they enjoy substantial freedom of expression. Indeed, I think their major complaint ought to be not that they can't say things, but that the public is less willing to listen to them. If someone can so mispercieve the status of free speech in his own country, I'm disinclined to trust his judgment about which countries are enlightened enough to regulate their citizens' speech.


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