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Good reporters like to get quotes from the public capturing how they feel about an issue. But this example, from a story about a process to destroy sewage sludge, makes it sound like the reporter was really fishing for reaction:

"Huh, how does it work again?" said Jason Hunter of Millbrook. "I have no idea what you just said, but as long as the toilets in my house keep flushing, I’m OK with it."

Then again, it looks like even the mayor has no idea what's going on:

"I still don’t know how it works, and Truel has been explaining it to me for six months," the mayor said. "But I do know if we don’t have sludge, we don’t have to get rid of sludge. That means we don’t have to operate a truck, and face the liability of transporting the stuff on the highway to the field. And the biggest benefit of course is for the environment, since we no longer have sludge to get rid of."


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