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I'm starting to think that a good measure of someone's partisanship (which is different from the extremeness of their ideology) is whether they approve of rape. By this measure I'm pretty non-partisan, since I don't ever approve of anyone being raped for any reason. But I've noticed a disturbing tendency among wild-eyed Bush haters* to exult in the idea of their opponents being raped. It's not enough for the bad guys to be stripped of power, totally discredited, and thrown in jail. Ultimate justice involves "a cellmate named Bubba." Perhaps this is just my naivete about the world of power politics, or just a deep-seated aversion to the "retribution" model of justice, but I can't sink low enough to wish that kind of treatment on anyone (yes, not even Hitler).

*Yes, I'm sure it happens on the far right too, but I don't read those sites.


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