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Dredge Defeated

Lobbyists Influence House Voters In 63-130 Rejection

Industry lobbyists won yesterday in Harrisburg, despite a strong push by two local lawmakers to enact legislation that would protect residents in our area and across the state.

... The legislation contained wording that called for a voter referendum to decide whether to allow dredge to be dumped in municipalities.

Lobbyists argued, essentially, that giving local residents a chance to vote against the dumping of waste products would destroy Pennsylvania's economy.

My first thought was that this was typically slanted Times-News coverage of this issue (though perhaps understandably so, since the key legislators are local). When I went looking for a different spin on the story, I found this article, credited to the AP, which matches -- in both tone and wording -- Donald Serfass's Times-News piece. Somebody is ripping off somebody.

I tried to find out more about how giving communities control over dredge dumping would destroy Pennsylvania's economy, but beyond the word "oppose" on the PA Chamber of Business and Industry agenda, I couldn't find a counter-argument on the sites of any of the opponents. I guess the destruction of the state's economy isn't a high priority. So somebody here is engaging in some exaggerated rhetoric.


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