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A Science Fiction Documentary?

Since that last post sort of bashed the precautionary principle and sort of agreed with a libertarian on an environmental issue (one publishing in Tech Central Station, no less), I have to earn my left-wing credibility back with a nitpick.

In another Commons post, Amy Ridenour quotes David Almasi saying "the likes of Al Gore and ... want people to see it [the climate change disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow] as more of a documentary than the disaster film that it truly is." But on the very page that you get when you click the link in "" in Almasi's statement, MoveOn says "'The Day After Tomorrow' is more science fiction than science fact." It seems that, in accordance with the hope I expressed, their campaign is taking the "any publicity is good publicity" tack and trying to use the movie as a jumping-off point to talk about the actual threat of climate change. But statements like Almasi's suggest I was right to worry that the movie's bad science will be conflated with actual environmentalist claims, and thus the latter will be rejected along with the former.

Incidentally, there's good news and bad news about Blogger's new search function. Good news: It gives you the permalink to the post, so you don't have to look at the date then crawl back through your actual archives to find the link. Bad news: Its search algorithm is still crappy -- "Day After Tomorrow" brought up no posts, despite the fact that I've written about the movie twice.


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