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Footnotes In The Kiosk

The new posting screen in Blogger seems to have taken care of the "unexpected changes in window size" problem that had heretofore been in the Kiosk (and as an added bonus, Blogger seems to have picked up on the fact that I prefer to start on the "Edit HTML" tab rather than the "Compose" tab). Luckily, we have a new candidate for the Kiosk. I'm not a huge fan of the posting style in which you put the first few paragraphs of your post on your main page, then you have to click "read more" to finish the post. But I can accept it when you have a really long post. What I can't accept is when all that's behind the "read more" link is footnotes. Maybe -- maybe -- this is all right when you have 20 academic-style footnotes and you say on the main page something like "click on 'read more' for the footnotes." But when I click "read more" expecting further paragraphs, but find only a single asterisked aside, then I am not a happy camper.


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