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Fire Safety Or Else

Law Requires Homeowners Defend Against Wildfires

Deschutes County is poised to become the first county in the state to implement a new law requiring property owners to secure their homes against wildfires, if they live in fire-prone areas.

State and county officials are expected to approve a map Monday categorizing the wildfire risk for homes within the so-called wildland-urban interface, or developed areas adjacent to forests, in Deschutes County.

... Department staff have received very few complaints from homeowners, Andrade told The Bulletin newspaper.

"We're getting a tremendous response from the public," he said. "People aren't calling asking 'why?' They're calling asking 'what do we need to do?'"

I'm sticking this here for future reference. A few years down the road, this could be the basis for an interesting comparative study of how well legal measures like this work in changing the fire danger.


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