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CNN Is Useless

Staying at a hotel with no internet is a good way for me to remind myself why I don't watch TV. For example, CNN has taken to parodying* the whole "he said, she said" style of reporting -- they report on spin that hasn't even been spun yet. A typical story goes something like this: "A report came out today that says blah blah blah. And I'm sure both parties will each have their own view of it to promote."

Then they did a segment with Bill Allen that was basically an ad for National Geographic. If you want to do a story about climate change, interview a climatologist. If you want to do a story about NG's conterversial decision to push an environmentalist viewpoint, then ask Allen about that. But don't repeat the points the magazine made, let Allen elaborate, then declare the issue "chilling."

*At least I hope it's parody. It's too depressing to imagine they think it's real journalism.


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