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New At OSP: Poetic Justice As Fairness

My first, and hopefully only, comment on National Guard Dome is posted at Open Source Politics. Given my view of Swift Boat Dome, I'm sure you can guess my outlook on the issue.

The title comes from this Crooked Timber post. But looking back at it, I think I'm somewhat misapplying the term. We've got the element of position-swapping, but neither side has drawn the parallel between the two situations and accused its opponent of flip-flopping. Then again, specific political terminology is quickly diluted (consider, for example, Matt Yglesias' pedantic rearguard action against misuse of "scorched earth", or the claim by a person I was talking to the other night that "carpetbagging" is commonly used to refer to political opportunism of any sort, not just that involving moving to a different state).


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