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Perhaps We Should Call Them "Unitedstatesian Indians" To Avoid Confusion

While researching my column for last week's Scarlet*, on the new National Museum of the American Indian, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any statements critical of it to argue against. I wound up having to invent a plausible-sounding counterargument that highlighted my own point. But now Front Page comes to the rescue with this delightfully unhinged anti-NMAI screed. It starts off with a feint in the direction of "boo for cultural relativism, huzzah for Western civilization," then gets down to business. Apparently the museum is a global Communist plot to make us think that the native people of non-USA countries in the Western Hemisphere are "American Indians." I hadn't realized that your tribe had to have waged war against the United States government in order for you to call yourself "American Indian."

*I'll post it next week, as I forgot to grab an electronic version before I left the office.


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