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Kerry Flops

Kerry And Religion: Pressure Builds For Public Discussions

"I think you have to draw that line, so the answer is yes, they reached beyond that line, and in my judgment they're trying to exploit certain issues," he said. "The president and I have the same position, fundamentally, on gay marriage. We do. Same position. But they're out there misleading people and exploiting it."

-- via Balloon Juice

John, you're making me put an awful lot of weight on the environment in order to justify voting for you. It's amazing to me that we can have a Presidential campaign in which neither candidate really cares at all about gay rights. For all Bush's purported fundamentalism, I don't think it really matters to him what homosexuals do. The marriage amendment was never a crusade for him the way tax cuts or attacking Iraq were. He just pulls out the idea of banning same-sex marriage when he feels the need to whip up some energy from the cultural right. And here Kerry displays his lack of principle again. When he's talking to a gay-friendly audience, he makes it out as if he's a big supporter of gay rights. But when it's framed in terms of religion, his position is "me too."


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