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In Defense Of Left-Wing Blue

It's become de rigeur to complain about the fact that in the US, "red states" are conservative and "blue states" are liberal, despite the fact that through most of modern history and over most of the world, red was the color of the left. But I'd like to speak up in favor of the colors as they're used in the US.

First, there's a geographical issue: it seems that "Red also tends to make a space appear smaller while blue tends to enlarge a space." This is helpful in combatting the skewed sense of Republican dominance that arises from the red states being disproportionately larger territory-wise.

The colors also evoke emotions that, as I see it, align with the conventional wisdom about each party's ideology:

Red is the first primary color of the spectrum. It emotionally triggers the sense of power [which they have lots of now], impulsively, sexuality [sort of -- they do talk more about sex than the Democrats, but in a negative way] and increases one's appetite. Be careful how you use red. It can also shout anger, forcefulness, impatience, intimidation, conquest, violence and revenge [Iraq] toward your site visitors.

Blue is a primary color. It is the easiest color for the eyes to focus. It generates feelings of tranquility, love, acceptance, patience, understanding and cooperation [we're a bunch of bleeding-hearts]. Its negative qualities if used inappropriately are fear, coldness, passivity and depression [a pessimistic summary of the Kerry campaign]. Blue is a favorite color choice among all age groups [hey, anything that will improve our image ...].


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