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Site Maintenance

1. I've stepped down from Open Source Politics. I did so for two reasons: first, because I simply didn't have the time to write for both OSP and debitage. Second, OSP is being reformulated as more of an activism-centered site. There's nothing wrong with that focus, but it's not where my strengths as a blogger lie.

2. I'm adding a link to my wishlist to the sidebar. Note that this is not an attempt to get people to buy me things. I've been using the wishlist not so much as a wishlist per se, but as a record of all the books that people have recommended to me over the years. Since it's primarily for my own benefit, I remove books from it once I've read them. But I figured it couldn't hurt to share the aggregated wisdom of people whose opinions on reading material I find worth listening to. (There is a mix of actual wishlisting in there as well -- any item marked with a "1" is something that I actually want to own, as opposed to getting from the library.)


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