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Amanda emails with a very on-target criticism of my previous post:

i know it seems sort of cute and intellectual to use big words to avoid swearing, but when you do that you have to be aware of the meanings of the words you're using. here, by using words that have actual meanings, instead of swears where the meanings have been mostly effaced, you make it sound as though you are using the idea of anal sex as an insult, instead of just calling someone a fucking asshole, which is the product of putting two swears together arbitrarily and is supposed to provide emphasis instead of giving them a combined meaning. your rewriting doesn't have the desired effect of using a common insult to describe homophobic people and instead sort of undermines your statement by unintentionally making you sound somewhat homophobic yourself.

And I know you're not homophobic etc etc but wanted you to be aware of the effect of that way of writing.


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