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Ampersand Saves Me The Trouble Of Being Interviewed

Ampersand recently did an interview with the right-wing blog Conservative Christian. He currently has me listed on his blogroll as being to his right, so I was a bit surprised that I agreed with nearly everything he said*. The only real disagreements, I think, are that I would prioritize environmental issues more than he does, and that I take a stronger line on freedom of speech -- neither of which, I think, really place me to his right. The discussions of abortion and Terri Schiavo are tangential to my views, since I refuse to hold a position on either of those issues. But otherwise the interview is a good summary of the type of liberalism I subscribe to.

*Note that I'm not trying to dispute Amp's classification of me -- it's quite possible the interview just didn't delve into our areas of real disagreement. And it would be reasonable if, say, he had decided that abortion is just such a crucial issue that he can't consider anyone a fellow traveler if they're willing to give an inch to the pro-life side.


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