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The Washington Post has a frightening article about the denizens of exurbia (so frightening, and so consistent with the stereotype, that I wonder whether the reporter might not be engaging in a bit of selective quoting). The sight of a pickup truck has set their upper-class hearts a-pounding, and so they flee to a sheltered enclave:

"We never discuss politics," said Nina Kraemer, who was hosting a scrapbooking get-together at Dominion Valley's sports complex the other night. "I don't know, I guess something would have to spawn a conversation for one to occur. We talk about traffic -- we talk about that to the nth degree. We're afraid to go to the Target because we might not get back to the bus stop on time" to meet the children after school.

Let me get this straight -- they moved into one of the least pedestrian-friendly and public-transport-feasible settlement patterns, and then they have the gall to complain about traffic?

I guess we can at least be glad that these folks are disinclined to vote. Given their unabashed race and class prejudice, I can't imagine they'd be likely to vote for the good guys.


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