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SUVs Make You Fat

Why is it that advocates of one left-wing cause are so eager to get ahead by working against other left-wing causes? And why is it that afterward, the proponents of these causes are so surprised at their inability to communicate a clear and coherent philosophy to the American people?

A recent case in point is Dweebs Drive SUVs (via Gristmill). I'm no fan of SUVs, both for environmental and safety reasons. And I support trying to make SUVs seem uncool as a strategy for getting people to get rid of them. What I don't support is accomplishing that by promoting unprogressive notions of coolness. In particular, that site makes shameless use of anti-fat prejudice in its case for why SUVs are uncool. (It arguably indulges in homophobia, although I think it generally stays on the "mocking men for feeling insecure about their masculinity" side of the line.)


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