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Today I got a good start on getting my stupid newcomer mistakes out of the way by walking 4 miles in 108 degree weather, with no shade to speak of. So in lieu of writing a real post, here are three interesting links:

1. I haven't written as much as I should about how unjust and inhumane the US's immigration detention system is, but this article gives a good primer.

2. I like this vision for going beyond the same-sex marriage battle. The statement is written with a good dose of lefty jargon, but as David Schraub points out, it basically boils down to the proposition that we should give recognition and support to whatever relationships people have formed to care for each other, whether or not the people involved are having sex.

3. I do a lot of (justified) doom and gloom here, so I should point out good news when I come across it: it looks like we're solving the ozone depletion problem. In fact, I'll go so far as to point out that I think the article I linked is not positive enough. It emphasizes in the headline and second paragraph that progress is slower than hoped -- but that slowness amounts merely to a shift in the projected date of a return to 1980 ozone levels from 2044 to 2049.


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