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Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me

As a denizen of the dregs of the feminist blogosphere, I seem to have been tagged to do the "Five Things Feminism Has Done For Me" meme. So here we go:

1. It removed some of the cultural barriers to me being a house husband. (Now if only socialism would get on the stick and remove the economic barriers ...)

2. It jump-started my academic career, as my first conference presentation was the paper I wrote for my Feminist Geography class.

3. It kept me interested in high-quality blogging, since I'm not sure I'd have lasted five years if I was still just reading Kevin Drum and his ilk.

4. It led me in to recognizing and understanding other forms of inequality (race, ability, size, etc).

5. It made life a whole lot better for a great number of non-me people, who I care about either personally or in the abstract.


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