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Ask Mr. Answer Man

I've been getting some interesting search results this election night. I unfortunately forgot to mention my polling place (right next door to my house, conveniently enough), so I wasn't of much help to the people searching where to vote. (Speaking of my polling place, the voting booths here were really poorly designed. The ballot was this giant sheet of light card, which was half again as long as the little table part of the booth -- but the table had an inch-high rim all around it.) On the other hand, I was hopefully of some help to the many people searching for information on Arizona's various ballot propositions (though apparently not enough help, since at the moment most of the important ones besides the minimum wage raise are going the wrong way. ¡Qué lástima!)

Tougher questions are raised by the folks looking for Bob Casey and Ned Lamont's views on animal rights. I don't actually know what either man thinks on this issue, but perhaps we should call up Lamont HQ and suggest that as a new career move for him.

Someone found this blog looking for "utilitarianism versus feminism." As someone with utilitarian and (pro)feminist sympathies, I wouldn't really describe it as a "versus" situation.

Finally, one searcher observes that ""when you hate someone"- God does not like it." Amen.


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