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"That's what hate does"

Some anti-marriage protesters were holding a rally in my old hometown of Worcester, so some pro-marriage counterprotesters showed up. My friend Sarah Loy was among them, and she decided to get up close to the anti-marriage podium with her sign. A nominal Christian by the name of Larry Cirignano wasn't too happy about that, so he pushed her to the ground.

Now Cirignano is claiming that Sarah is a professional actress who faked being pushed. That is a crock of santorum. I know of no reason to question Sarah's version of events. More tellingly, I can say with complete confidence that if she's a professional actress, then she's done an amazing job of hiding her move career from me over the past five years that I've known her. I'm really shocked at the shamelessness of Cirignano's claim. But perhaps I shouldn't be. The whole ideology of the anti-marriage movement is based on trying to portray a powerful and privileged class as victims.


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